Your Body Knows Best Level 2

Your Body Know Best Level 2

On completion of Your Body Knows Best Level 1, you can take the opportunity to look deeper into the psychoneuroimmunology of illness and various techniques to aid health and wellness.

Prevention is far better than cure, so this program explores the importance of balancing the physical and energy bodies to avoid illness, understand and correct the thought processes that underpin all illness and the daily techniques and practices to maintain wellness.

Subjects covered –
  • Feeling and sensing imbalances in the body
  • Techniques to release stress from the body, emotions and mind
  • Visualisations that target symptoms
  • Energy healing for personal use
  • The benefits of different food types to ease symptoms and promote good health
  • Balanced healthy eating, exercise and rest
  • Understanding the different Holistic treatments available to aid healing
  • The importance of integrative health practice

 What will I receive on completion?

  • A comprehensive manual
  • Enhanced techniques for attaining and maintaining health and wellness
  • In depth information on specific conditions
  • The importance of taking an integrative approach to your health
  • Access to a Health Meditation Group, effective holistic modalities and further training opportunities

 Duration:           8 x 2 hours

 Facilitator:        Jane Offer

This course is not designed to replace medical practice.  It offers information on methods to help you support your health and wellness and encourages you to make responsible health choices.