Your Body Knows Best Level 1

Your Body Knows Best Level 1

Health and Wellness Program

It is generally accepted that long-term stress is the underpinning of all illness and that when we understand and address the cause of our stress,  we can greatly impact the state of our own well-being.  Therefore, when we still our mind in this crazy world and connect to this part of our innate ability to create a positive mindset, we can attain control of our life choices and maintain our health and wellness.

Your Body Knows Best Program looks at the nature of illness, the emotions that are playing a major part in creating physical conditions, methods and modalities that manage our own wellness.  Using tried and tested techniques, that can be simply introduced to our daily routine, we can work towards reducing anxiety and stress, bringing symptoms into check to restore balance.

Your Body Knows Best Program covers:
  • mindfulness of the body and its functions
  • understanding the body and its many functions
  • the psychoneuroimmunology of illness
  • reading the messages the body gives through pain and dis-ease
  • Holistic First Aid including food types, crystals, essential oils and natural remedies to support a healthy lifestyle
  • calming the mind for greater focus
  • connecting to the body for guidance on resisting dis-ease
  • effective techniques to maintain health and wellness
  • working with the body’s natural ability to heal
 The Program includes:
  • 8 sessions
  • Individual consultation to determine health challenges
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Techniques to enhance your physical, emotional and mental health
  • On-going information and support via email or phone
  •  IICT/TOTOA Certification of completion

Also Available:  Your Body Knows Best Health and Wellness Program Level 2 

This course is not designed to replace medical practice.  It offers information on methods to help you support your health and wellness and encourages you to make responsible health choices.