Confidence in the Workplace

Confidence in the Workplace

This program provides a positive approach to building confidence in the workplace. It is designed for those valued employees who, due to personal circumstances, may find their attitude and behaviour at work has changed. They may display outbursts of anger, experience plummeting self-esteem leading to mistakes and inefficiency, confusion over instructions, reduced productivity and performance and other similar indicators of overwhelming stress.

Approaches used in this program include:

  • Identifying stress activators and managing the effects
  • Effective techniques for repatterning behaviour
  • Addressing loss
  • Mentoring
  • Relaxation and stress relief techniques
  • Team building and communication
  • Confidence rebuilding
  • Development of personal transferable skills.
  • Physical therapy to work with symptoms of stress related conditions and behaviours

Portrait of a two middle aged business women with their blur team at a seminar

Program delivery:

  • Eight sessions over 16 weeks
  • Natural and holistic treatments for reducing stress and its effects
  • Ongoing support between sessions by email or phone
  • Program of techniques to develop and practice¬†skills

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