Transforming Frameworks Level 2

Transforming Frameworks

Living with Ease on The Alchemist Trail Practitioner Level 2  

It is necessary to have personally experienced the effects of studying and integrating Transforming Frameworks The Alchemist Trail Level 1 to understand it from a client’s perspective. In the practitioner course, we study more deeply the eight areas covered in Level 1 and assignments  reflecting understanding and use in various situations will be undertaken.  Opportunities for test sessions will be monitored by the trainer and a full review will be made with both student practitioner and client independently.

Throughout the training there will be a home study programme including assignments and case studies.  A treatment session and feedback will be expected from the student and client plus a final interview will be conducted by the facilitator to assess the students understanding of the ethics of delivery, record keeping and compliance with legal requirements.

What will I learn during the course?
  • Deeper exploration and understanding of the elements of our personal framework
  • Effective listening
  • Communication skills
  • Responding to and the protocol of sensitive disclosure
  • Technique and deliver
  • The value and power of meditation/guided visualisation
  • Professional responsibility and ethics
  • Practitioners legal requirements
What can I do after I have completed the training?

On completion, you will be able to work with individuals in your family group, frieds or your work team to help them understand the meaning and impact of their experiences and to shift their self-awareness and perceptions from negative to positive.  The techniques  provide  tools for life change that will help to create a balanced and harmonious approach to life that is both powerful and transformational.

The program can be delivered  as a valued addition to existing modalities or practices or as a stand-alone practice.

What do I receive on completion?

  • IICT/TOTOA professional accreditation
  • Comprehensive manual
  • On-going support for 6 months for assessment and upskilling purposes
  • Any contacts or support in business development that may be required

Duration:       10 x 2 hour sessions delivered every two weeks

Facilitator:     Jane Offer

Also  available:  Facilitator Training Program