Students Grade 7-12

Student Program Grade 7-12

This program is offered both in a school setting and individually outside of the school environment for students aged 13-years and over.

In a school setting, this program¬†utilises an interactive group environment to offer insight and strategies in developing relationships with one’s self and others with the opportunity for individual sessions for specific challenges.

Individually, outside of the school setting, the program is also suitable for individuals in the age bracket where there is a perceived need identified by parents, educators or others.

The specific areas addressed are:

  • Self-motivation and empowerment
  • Confidence, self-image and self esteem
  • Strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Dealing with difficult situations and effective problem solving
  • Transition into adulthood
  • Self-respect and boundaries
  • Dealing with anger, stress and overwhelm including Anger Management strategies
  • Communication and understanding uniqueness
  • Personal responsibility for actions and decisions
  • Personal goals


Program delivery:

  • Six interactive sessions with professionals in their field
  • Positive techniques to achieve goals
  • Holistic approaches and techniques tailored to the group or individual

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