Students Grade 1-6

Student Program Grade 1-6

This program is offered both in a school setting and individually outside of the school environment for students under 13 years old. The content is age appropriate and honours the participants’ uniqueness, individual ideas and beliefs.

In a school setting, this program utilises an interactive group environment with the objective of avoiding student’s disassociation from learning and to promote the development of a unique and balanced individual, with the opportunity for individual sessions for specific challenges.

Individually, outside of the school setting, the program is also suitable for individual children in the age bracket where there is a perceived need identified by parents, educators or others.

The specific areas addressed are:

  • Respecting yourself and others
  • Maintaining an individual view of life and allowing others the right to do the same
  • Confidence and boundaries
  • Effective communication – listening and hearing
  • Relationships with peers and adults
  • Strategies for managing anxiety and stress
  • The impact of words
  • Bullying and compassion
  • Personal image and self-respect
  • Effective engagement with learning in a structured system


Program delivery:

  • Eight 60-minute sessions conducted by professionals with appropriate skills for the age group
  • Each session is interactive with extensive role play and activities to re-enforce the subject matter
  • Meditation and visualisation will also be part of the session to develop positive thinking and full achievement of potential

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