Starting Out Program

Starting Out Program

Doorway to Your Future

 You may have had your interview and been accepted, but that first day can be daunting.  So much you don’t know about the small details of the day, the new team members you will be meeting, the expectations of your manager or team leader, even the role you will play.

The Starting Out Program is tailored to those weeks leading up to entering the workplace and your first days, so that you are fully prepared.  It will help you to smoothly integrate into your team and feel comfortable as quickly as possible.

Expert business coaches and mentors say that, being passive as you go through the motions of the company tour, the form filling, video watching and the meet and greet with other members of staff, is not necessarily the best approach.  The first few days set  the impression for the rest of your career within the business and with your colleagues.  Therefore, it is important to demonstrate a positive and authentic impression of yourself.

The starting Out Program covers:
  • The importance of researching the company to understand its purpose
  • Time keeping, presentation and body language
  • Basic questions that make the first day an easy transition
  • Preparing a short pitch about yourself as new colleagues will naturally ask about you
  • Formulating questions that demonstrate your curiosity and desire to learn
  • Exploring Maslow’s Hierachy of Need and its importance for workplace confidence
  • Effectively communicating your concerns or your needs
  • Portraying a positive attitude and work ethic
  • Coping with difficult situations and problem solving
  • Understanding workplace dynamics
The Program includes:
  • 6 sessions
  • Techniques and strategies to prepare you for employment
  • Role playing
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Support from a mentor during the program
  • Support after entering the workplace by arrangement