Reiki 1

Reiki Practitioner Level 1

Reiki is an ancient Healing and Communication modality, that uses the energy of the Universe to balance and heal the Body, Mind and Spirit. The energy is channelled through the practitioner, to be directed where it may be of the most effective use to the recipients wellness.

Reiki is a combination of the Japanese words Rei, meaning the energy from the Universe, and Ki, (also known as Chi) the energy of the Earthly lifeforce.

In the 1800's, Dr Mikao Usui researched the origins of Reiki, which are lost in our human prehistory. What we now know as REIKI is the forgotten ability of healing, that has been the birthright of humanity since the beginning of time.

Reiki Level I is the first step of hands-on healing in which Reiki initiations are received to gradually  open the Crown Chakra, allowing the use the energy of the Universe for healing, rather than depleting our own personal energy.

Reiki Level 1 covers:
  • understanding energy and how works
  • techniques used in Reiki Healing
  • practicing Reiki for self-healing
  • Reiki attunements
  • how to help your family, your friends, your animals and plants
  • how Reiki can relieve stress and promote relaxation, so the body can heal
  • developing your own practice as a Reiki healer
Reiki 1 includes:   
  • A comprehensive manual
  • IICT/TOTOA Certification for home use
  • Automatic Student Membership to IICT
  • Support as you gain the knowledge about Reiki healing
  • Access to ongoing healing practice and discussion
  • Opportunity sign up for Reiki 2

Duration:            Reiki 1 is held over 3 full days

Facilitator:        Sophia Rigas

Also Available -    Reiki Practitioner Level 2