The Rebuild Program

The Rebuild Program

Creating a brighter future

The Rebuild Program is designed for those managers or employees who have experienced life changes that have impacted them deeply.

The uniquely tailored sessions address the trauma often associated with change that impact the individual’s ability to perform to their full potential.  Techniques to cope with the disruption and unrest that change may bring, support behavioural disruptions, anger management, stress and anxiety reduction and identifying the path to a sustainable and brighter future.

This Program is suited to supporting key staff members at a difficult time of change, to ensure the employers duty of care is upheld and to increase the productivity of all employees when they see their needs are being supported.

The Rebuild Program covers:
  • Developing effective and open communication
  • Developing trust in everyday relationships
  • Stress coping mechanisms
  • Rebuilding new and positive mental attitudes
  • Stress coping mechanisms
  • The importance of boundaries
  • Understanding the grief and forgiveness process
  • Using past event as a platform for the future
The Program includes:
  • Eight individual sessions designed specifically around personal need
  • Comprehensive manual and worksheet to support the process
  • Ongoing review and support by phone or email
  • Follow-up on completion of the course for one month