Reading the Runes Level 1

Reading the Runes  Level 1

Rune reading is an ancient modality of divination based on the tradition of the Norse peoples, using the symbols or Runes to identify issues in our lives and predict possible outcomes. The 25 Symbols were used by Shamans, both men or women, who travelled from place to place to give insight and ease the problems of the ones who needed advice.

As a result, the Runic lore spread from the Scandinavian countries to Iceland, to the British Isles and other countries in Northern Europe through the Viking invasions. In some cases, the locals modified the names of the symbols to suit their own language, hence the variations in the names of each Rune.

The Norse Mythology explains how these symbols were brought to humankind through the sacrifice of the god Odin and are considered sacred. They are inspired or dedicated to the Norse gods, to forces of Nature and Natural Life.

Rune stones can also help you to get clarification or advice on how to address a current or long-standing issue or problem.

What will I learn in the program?
  • The history of the Runes and Runic Lore
  • Interpretations of the symbols individually and when placed in groups
  • Instruction on how to make your own Rune set
  • The use of the Runes to benefit your life
  • Connect with your inner wisdom by unlocking your intuitive abilities
  • Techniques and protocols for successful readings for family and friends
 What will I receive on completion?
  • IICT/TOTOA Certification of completion
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Automatic student membership of IICT
  • Review of assignments
  • Opportunity to attend practice sessions
  • Opportunity to enrol for the Level 2 Practitioner Course


  • 4 x 2 hour sessions
  • Home study and practice
  • Case reviews of Rune Readings given
  • Practice Group

Facilitator:   Sophia Rigas

Also Available – Rune Reading the Runes Professional Level 2