Pellowah Practitioner Level 2

Pellowah Practitioner Level 2  

Following your accreditation for Pellowah Level 1 you have the opportunity to expand your consciousness, ability and activate further your own inner spiritual light.

At the conclusion of the program you will have:
  • received a Level 2 attunement
  • further developed your intuitive energy work abilities
  • learned a powerful technique for connecting to yourHigher Self
  • learned how to connect to your innate healing abilities to channel in a multitude of unique energies
  • learned about the ‘merkabah’ or light body and practised a meditation to connect to it
  • discovered a simple one-minute technique for harmonising the mind, body and spirit
  • balanced and strengthened your Chakras
  • practiced seven powerful Pellowah symbols for opening the auric field, while still keeping it protected, neutralising negative energy
  • harmonised your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies
  • increased your energy and vitality
  • activated the ‘light body’ and expanding the aura to speed up evolution and change
  • the requirements for becoming a Pellowah Practitioner
  • setting up a space to deliver professional Pellowah healings

 What will I receive on completion?

  • IICT/TOTOA professional Certification on completion of 3 further case studies
  • Comprehensive Manual
  • 21 day follow up on-line training with support from the Trainer
  • Opportunity to attend Pellowah Share Evenings for further practice and attunements


  • I full day formal training with 21 day follow up on-line training and support
  • 3 Case studies required

 Facilitator:             Michelle Sinclair

Also available – enrolment in Business Module