Pellowah Practitioner Level 1

Pellowah Practitioner Level 1

What is Pellowah?

Pellowah is a form of healing which promotes radical and lasting personal change, creates a sense of stability and is a catalyst for personal growth and healing. By using high vibrational frequency energy, it unlocks new information in our DNA, enabling an expanded level of consciousness and awareness. Our body systems take on higher energetic frequencies and become attuned to energetic currents, which complement any other healing modalities.

 Why would I undertake Pellowah training?

Pellowah is fun and easy to learn and can be used to great effect immediately after completing a course. It benefits the student on many levels including self awareness, improved energy levels and greater insight into their abilities to connect to their intuition at a deep level.

Pellowah enhances the practice of other natural modalities, as it taps into both the practitioner’s and student’s light body and enhances intuition.

What will I learn?
  • awareness of the use and potential of Pellowah energy, for working with emotional and physical issues
  • a light meditation for strengthening the connection to Source energy
  • strengthen the Chakras with a unique and powerful Chakra Meditation
  • understand how to work intuitively using high-vibrational energy
  • use Pellowah for self-healing
  • how to use Pellowah on plants and animals
  • how to set up and conduct a private Pellowah session
  • understand the essential Pellowah practice rules in working with clients
  • how to use Pellowah for distance healing
  • practice Pellowah on others and built confidence in the modality
 What will I receive?
  • Attunements to connect to the Pellowah energy frequency
  • A comprehensive manual
  • IICT/TOTOA  Certification for Pellowah home use
  • 21-day post program support
  • Opportunity to join a Pellowah Share group for ongoing practice and further attunements
  • Opportunity sign up for Pellowah Level 2


  • One day training followed by 21 day ongoing support.
  • Guided and reviewed Home study and practice
  • Case studies

 Facilitator:       Michelle Sinclair