Health in the Workplace

Health in the Workplace
Return to Optimum Health

This program is designed for those experiencing high levels of absenteeism or who are on long-term sick leave.

Whilst we work with the principle that prevention is better than cure, that is not always a possibility. Often people are reluctant to admit that they are feeling stressed and patch over the problem without identifying or addressing the cause.

This 10-session program provides a focused and supportive individual approach designed to address the challenges of stress related illness, the impact of life-changing situations that undermine confidence or balanced emotional and mental wellness.

Following an Initial Consultation to identify specific needs, a unique program is designed to identify and resolve core issues that undermine confidence or the desire to return to work.  Using multi-faceted approach of mentoring, practical techniques and natural/holistic practices, the participant is gently moved through the stages of recovery to develop a firm foundation for the future.  Each technique is carefully matched to the participant’s personality and skill set to ensure on-going, permanent and positive shifts in confidence and mindset.

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Program delivery:

  • The 10 sessions are suitably spaced out to provide the optimum opportunity to regain and maintain health and wellness.
  • Each individual has personal access to a designated specialist on a weekly basis by email and/or phone for on-going support.
  • Complimentary review sessions extend beyond the return to work for up to six months as required, to ensure the momentum remains in place.

Sessions include specifically streamed mentoring, holistic treatments and individual related assignments between sessions.

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