Passport to Work

Passport to Work

This program is designed specifically to alleviate the concerns in returning to work or changes within the work environment. It is tailored for the specific needs of the individual including those who have experienced long-tern sick leave.  It is suitable for all ages, those who are making decisions regarding their future career and any form of employment change.

 Who can the program benefit?
  • contemplating undertaking training/employment
  • returning to the work environment
  • coping with long-term sick leave in regards to career challenges
  • taking a new role in existing employment or moving to new employemnt
  • entrenchment
  • starting your own business.
 Program content:
  • Investigating fears and concerns for entering the workplace
  • Challenging mindset gained from previous experiences
  • Emotional and physical effects of transitioning from long-term sick/unemployed/retrenchment/stay at home parent
  • Identifying and/or acquiring personal/transferable skills
  • Building confidence to make life changes
  • Personal profile to identify values and goals in training/employment
  • Holistic management of stress, physical challenges and emotional wellness
  • Treatment indicators targeting specific health challenges
  • Building confidence for interviews
  • Strategies for dealing with colleagues and/or authority figures
  • Working for the whole – self, family, business and community
What do I receive?
  • IICT/TOTOA accreditation
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Individual sessions of mentoring and suitable holistic techniques
  • Support throughout and beyond the program


  • 10 x 2-hour sessions, suitably spaced out to provide the optimum benefit
  • Personal access to a designated specialist on a weekly basis by email and/or phone for on-going support.
  • Sessions include specifically streamed mentoring and individual related assignments between sessions.
  • Health awareness advice for avoiding/alleviating stress and related conditions

 Facilitator:   Jane Offer and other practitoner members of the team