Passport to Health

Passport to Health

Passport to Health is a unique program designed to address the problem of stress, anxiety and stress related illness in the workplace which affects performance and productivity.  It works towards participants fulfilling their highest potential in a balanced and effective manner in all areas of life.

Option 1: Individuals
Option 2: Teams of 6-8

Option 1: Individuals

Your journey to a healthy and less stressed life.

This is our premium individual health program.  Following an Initial Consultation, a step by step process is co-created in which the client plays the major part in their own journey to health and wellness.  In this way, old mindsets, habits or stresses that have created the current situation are addressed and realigned to create a happier and healthier outcome.

‘We do nothing to you – we work with you and support you to achieve your goals’

The uniquely designed program includes some or all of the following:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Program of natural approaches to health and wellness
  • Mentoring program
  • Individual support
  • Focused Mindfulness and Meditation techniques

Includes:  Initial Consultation   –    monthly sessions   –   weekly review   –  contact availability at any time

Option 2 : Teams of 6-8

One full day session per month, each with a specific focus designed to address stress at work, team cohesion and understanding of different views and outlooks.  It will cover mindset and attitudes to responsibility and workload, behaviour in the workplace, the words we use, peaceful conflict resolution and much more.

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