Passport to Change Program

Passport to Change 1

Managing major life changes

The Passport to Change Program is designed for those who have experienced life changes that have impacted them deeply.

The uniquely tailored sessions address the pain often associated with change, provide techniques to cope with the disruption and unrest that change may bringĀ  and supports finding the path to a sustainable and brighter future.

The Program provides techniques to confront new situations with the minimum of stress and anxiety.

The Passport to Change Program covers:

  • Developing effective and open communication
  • Supporting changes in the family situation
  • Stress coping mechanisms
  • The importance of boundaries
  • Understanding differences and personal responsibility
  • Living within your authenticity
  • Developing strong outcomes

The Program includes:

  • Eight individual sessions designed specifically around personal need.
  • Comprehensive manual and worksheet to support the process
  • Ongoing review and support by phone or email
  • Follow-up on completion of the course for one month