Parents & Families

Parents and Families

This program is designed to support parents and families with raising children in what can sometimes be a confusing and stressful material world filled with many challenges. Many parents find it is becoming almost impossible to parent a child in the way they were parented as the issues for and with children are very different today.

We each want the best for our children but what does that look like?

This is an interactive program, which addresses the following specific areas:

  • Trusting yourself as a parent
  • Developing skills for stress free parenting
  • Connecting to family needs on each level
  • Creating an environment that promotes less stress and tension
  • Dealing with the cycles and stages of growing up
  • Building resilience, problem solving, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility in your child
  • Effective listening skills to enable the child to be heard and understood
  • Skilful negotiation that is built on respect
  • Avoiding sibling rivalry
  • Issues around food and nutrition


Program delivery:

  • Six interactive sessions that explore the anxiety and pitfalls of parenting
  • Techniques and strategies that promote understanding of family values
  • Individual reviews throughout the course with the facilitator
  • Access to the facilitator through phone/email/or face-to-face contact

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