Modern Parenting Program

Modern Parenting

Developing the creative child

This Program is the bridge that connects you and your child in a deep lasting connection and understanding.

It is easy for parents to become trapped in the daily problems they face, so it is important to change the landscape of the family with both mother and father working harmoniously to raise their children.

Our lives are busy juggling jobs, household chores and the parenting role, with little time  left for relaxation, leisure or even sleep. This filters down to the children as they are being raised to be equally productive.  It is difficult to keep the balance and to accept  we will not always achieve the goal we set out to attain. Therefore, it is important to take the pressure off and make time for  fun.

21st Century Parenting Program covers: 

Understanding the 21st Century Child Program offers insight and techniques that –

  • assists you to understand how your child manages life
  • develops intuitive guidance as a parent
  • guides positive and effective rule setting
  • avoids comparison and honours uniqueness
  • builds core values and character
  • creates a positive emotional and mental environment in which the family can thrive
  • indicates the impact of nutrition on your child’s behaviour
  • Establishment of productive patterns of behaviour
  • Safety around change
  • Behavioural strategies
  • Positive environment and lifestyle
  • Sleep improvement techniques
  • Contentedness from bringing the family together
  • Socialising, choices, disappointments and understanding of others
  • Enjoying the schooling process and developing curiosity
  • Balance between technology, its benefits and the separation it creates
  • Understanding that education Is not Life but a part of Life
  • Being their best parent not the best parent
  • Living fully with vitality and less stress
The Program includes:
  •  Initial consultation
  • 4 individual sessions
  • On-going support by phone or on-line during the program
  • Access to a closed Facebook group to provide continued support