Management Development Program

Management Development Program

Growing the organisation's best asset

The aim of tthe Management Development Program is to transform good managers to become successful leaders, thereby maximising the business potential.  It enables those at a managerial level to gain the ability to motivate others, thereby, allowing them to effectively manage their teams.

To ensure personal growth, which increases tenure of managerial employees and shapes their future within the company, it is important to understand team dynamics and to develop team members to a higher standard of cohesion.  Therefore, in understanding team members individuality, and the uniqueness each bring to the table, it is important for those in a managerial position first understand themselves.

By  identifying and understanding the framework of their own thinking, its emotional impact on patterns and behaviour, managers can develop confidence, creative expression, effective communication and compassion.  In this way, the team is treated fairly within the framework of reasonable expectation and increases their performance and outputs, benefitting all concerned.

The Management Development Program covers:
  • Enhancing capabilities to supervise, organise, plan, lead and motivate thereby, enhancing knowledge and skills
  • Identifying anxiety or stress triggers
  • Changing a controlling approach to a supportive role
  • Development of mutual trust, cooperation and understanding to foster effective teamwork
  • Effective goal setting and achieving targets
  • Improving decision-making abilities with regards to customer satisfaction, relation with employees and vendors and productivity of the organisation
  • Developing succession plans to generate future managerial positions within the organisation
  • Coping mechanisms for the anger or fear generated as a result of change  
  • Preparing new business expansion strategies
  • Promoting high morale and good organisational environment to enhance productivity and profits
The Program includes:
  • 7 sessions
  • a comprehensive manual with practice sheets
  • on-going support during the program and for a further 4 months
  • Certificate of Completion