The Living Mindfully Program for Teens

The Living Mindfully Program for Teens

Keys to Self-Knowledge and Awareness

Teenage years can be very stressful, as they are present many changes physically, mentally and emotionally.  It can be difficult to know how to cope with anxiety and stress with so many influences from various sources of expectation, family, friends, school and society at large.

The Living Mindfully Program is designed to support the process of developing the life skills to combat stress, to understand your own uniqueness and to find your niche in the world.  Once learned, these skills will be available to you throughout your whole life, allowing you to live in balance irrespective of the situation. designed to help you reduce stress, improve your attention, manage your emotions, and gain greater control over your thoughts and actions. By attending this program, you will discover the natural power and peace that is always inside of you.

The program is age appropriate and is delivery in a group setting with provision for individual sessions as deemed necessary.  It offers you the opportunity to access your inner resources and strengths and to recognise both your positive aspects and your challenges.

The Living Mindfully Program covers:
  • Coping with negative thinking and repeat patterns
  • Dealing with the pressure of school-life, including attaining better results, the overwhelm from looming examinations and excessive levels of homework, deciding on options and/or a future career
  • Improving your focus and gain control of your thoughts
  • Building balanced relationships with parents and siblings
  • Dealing with stress at home from the transition from childhood to young adulthood, parental divorce or bereavement and effective conflict resolution
  • Relationships with friends, peer groups and peer group pressure
  • Techniques for stress and anxiety release, managing difficult situations and managing spiralling situations
  • Learning to live in the present, in awareness of your thoughts and emotions
  • Understanding the source of physical, emotional and mental health issues
  • Hopes and dreams
  • Living a happy and fulfilling life
 The Program includes:
  • 6 x 90 minute sessions
  • Guided instruction for all techniques offered
  • Group activity in problem solving and respecting differences
  • Comprehensive manual with worksheets