Facilitators Training Program

Facilitators Training Program

Delivering your program with confidence

The Facilitators Training Program is design to build confidence in delivering innovative and quality workshops, planning meetings and/or longer programs.

An effective Facilitator leads people through the training process towards clearly defined objectives and outcomes, in a way that inspires and encourages participation, ownership and creativity.

The Facilitators Role:
  • Supports individuals within the group to their common objectives
  • Creates an inclusive and cohesive environment where individuals feel safe and heard
  • Is a catalyst for appropriate discussion by encouraging the sharing of creative ideas by using effective techniques
  • Provides a variety of skills that accommodates the differences in individual methods of absorbing knowledge
  • Helps the group form a constructive way of working together, identify its needs and wishes, and reach the outcome they would jointly like to achieve
 The Program Covers:

Module 1Facilitator Etiquette

  • Monitoring behaviour: Dress, punctuality, emotive language
  • Basic communication/listening/interpersonal skills
  • Honouring the differences in others
  • Monitoring personal prejudices and stress management

 Module 2: Working with Groups/Individuals

  • Creating a cohesive group
  • Ice breaker techniques
  • Lesson planning
  • Compassion/protocol of delivery
  • Delivery skills
  • Identification of individual needs

Module 3: Protocol

  • Managing assignments/assessment
  • Record Keeping for review/complaints/grievances
  • Legal requirements – Insurance

Module 4:  Creating programs

  • Developing content ideas based in current knowledge
  • Planning a specific seminar based in subject matter relevant to the trainee Facilitator
  • Assignments and practical delivery of a program to a group, to ensure full knowledge of content, legitimate research sources, quotes and references.
 The Program includes:
  • 20 hours training plus home study and practical assessments
  • Certification of completion
  • A comprehensive manual
  • Access to on-going support and training