Business Development and Mentoring Program

Business Development and Mentoring Program

Visioning and actioning your own business practice

This program is designed to support those who wish to develop their own ethical and authentic business practice from the ground up or support an existing business.  It provides all the information, techniques and strategies to effectively plan towards a productive future.

Starting from your vision, we help you develop your ideas to bring them to fruition.  Together we look at areas such as dealing with what is your driving force, your attitude to money, work-life balance and dealing with stress, bringing it into perspective to achieve your goals and attain your dream.

What does the program cover?

  • Importance of clear vision and the impact on your lifestyle
  • the implications of being a practitioner/business owner
  • your unique gift in business to the community
  • goal setting, strategies and techniques
  • building confidence – a review of attitude to work, finances, marketing
  • the legal requirements of a practitioner/business owner
  • First Aid Training including CPR
  • accurate record keeping for both clients and the Government bodies
  • effective advertising platforms
  • promotion of the practitioner/business
  • various contacts for printing, designing and advertising


  • Comprehensive manual
  • Group sessions of mentoring
  • Support throughout and beyond the program
  • On-going business mentoring if required


  • 1 day certificated First Aid Training
  • 9 x 2-hour sessions or 3 full days

On Completion:

  • Certification
  • Comprehensive manual
  • On-going business mentoring by a qualified business coach if and when required.

 Facilitators:  Relevant experts in the business field