Business Development and Mentoring Program

Business Development and Mentoring Program

Identifying the stumbling blocks to success

The Business Development and Mentoring Program is designed to support those who wish to develop their business further.  Thought process plays a large part in moving a business forward to be profitable and sustainable.

It is important that business practice is ethical and authentic from the ground up and this program provides all the information, techniques and strategies to effectively plan towards a productive future.

Starting from the beginning of your vision, we look at how the business has developed to its current  position and how to develop your ideas further to move the business to the next phase. Together we look at areas such as your management techniques, your attitude to money, failure or success, work-life balance and dealing with stress, bringing it into perspective to achieve your goals and attain your dream.

The  Program covers:
  • Importance of clear vision
  • Working within the ethics of your Mission Statement
  • The implications and responsibilities of business owner
  • The footprint you wish to create in the business community
  • Goal setting, strategies and techniques
  • Review of attitude to work, finances, marketing
  • The impact of the business on your lifestyle
  • Identifying skills in staff members to improve your business
  • The art of delegation
  • Relationship with your staff/communication chain
 The Program includes:
  • 9 x 2-hour sessions or 3 full days as appropriate
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Group mentoring sessions with team leaders and management
  • Support throughout and beyond the program
  • Certification of completion
  • On-going business mentoring by a qualified business coach as required.