About Us

The Oak Tree Organisation Australia

Our program developers, advisors and facilitators have taken further training in their area of expertise, enabling them to promote to their clients a physically, mentally and emotionally well-balanced lifestyle that, not only supports the individual but also their family, the staff teams of any business and the community as a whole.

Our unique programs and delivery style have provided support to many who are undergoing major changes in both personal and professional life.  Many have changed direction, increased their skill set or built up a new or their existing business to reach their goals.

Our Personal Development Programs are suitable for anyone considering returning to work or who are already working in business, industry or the public sector. The programs include Confidence Building, Communication and Negotiation Skills, Working in a Team, Personal Growth, Coping with Change, Managing Stress and Health and Wellness.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we have a sister retail store, The Purple Dragonfly, dedicated to providing authentic and ethical Australian designed and made products and promoting education and wellness through natural means.In their professional roles as  program developers, advisors or facilitators, each have taken further training in their area of expertise designed to promote a healthy and well balanced lifestyle that will benefit not only the individual staff members of any organisation but also businesses as a whole.

As Platinum Training Providers with IICT, many of our programs are accredited and are therefore highly suitable and benefical for individual training and ongoing professional development.

Our Story

The directors, Jane and David Offer, created a similar organisation in the UK, Spectrum Health Trust, which was a registered charity and a registered college receiving funding from Local Authority, Government, European Social Funding and Lottery Grants to create social, community and corporate programs.

In addition to benefiting from the experience and expertise of the wide skill base of The Oak Tree Organisation’s team, our inclusive models are both unique and effective taking into consideration the many and varied needs of all parties involved with the objective to build the Australian wider community and business towards a healthy, prosperous and well balanced future.

Our Philosophy

We believe in treating everyone with respect for their individuality and personal values.
We respect the individual in line with our Equal Opportunities Policy, irrespective of age, sexual orientation and heritage background.
We are committed to offering the best possible support, mentoring and training to enable each individual to explore their full potential in every area of life.