7 Keys Leadership Program Level 2

7 Keys Leadership Program Level 2

Reaching for the Stars

Following completion of Level 1, which explores seven layers of conscious awareness required to live personally mindfully and authentically, Level 2 looks deeper into the Principles. This is designed to deepen our understanding,  allowing us to apply them, through practical applications, into the business environment.

This deeper understanding helps us to monitor our mindset and release any sense of judgement towards ourselves and others.  It gives us the full understanding and detrimental implications of judgement, self-sacrifice and achieving our full potential by creating a new balance.

Over the 7 sessions sessions, you will engage in a Home study Program under the guidance of the Facilitator, throughout the duration of the course and you will have the support of the facilitator for the following 3 months after completion. This will review and support personal transition created by any changes and address any issues arising.

7 Keys Leadership Program covers:
  • 7 x 2 hour sessions spaced accordingly
  • Revisiting each Principle and understanding the implications from a wider perspective in dealing with others
  • Build  effective, non-judgemental relationships
  • Actively make a difference in your workplace, on its culture and treatment of staff members.
  • Addressing each Principle in the framework of global/personal evolvement
  • Techniques and practices to enhance growth
  • Effective listening and related skills to act as a guiding light/example for others
 Program outcomes:
  • An understanding of and the effective tools to avoid conflict and dissipate difficult or irrational behaviour
  • A strong understanding of the interrelationship of internal and external  influences
  • Increased awareness of your place, value and purpose in family, the workplace and society
  • Observation of boundaries and personal responsibility
  • Active manifestation of opportunity and change
  • Strength and determination to make deep and lasting changes
  • The opportunity to create a productive, full and joyful life
 The Program includes:
  • Certification on completion
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Study Notes and assignments
  • On-going support for 3 months after completion