7 Keys Leadership Program Level 1

7 Keys Leadership Program Level 1

A Tool for Growth

Personal growth is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health and is a continual process of understanding and developing ourselves to attain our fullest potential. It is a vital part of our evolvement into maturity, success and happiness and it helps with working with others to create an effective team.

There are seven layers of conscious awareness that reflect our personal transformation and are the key to interacting successfully with others.   This has been indicated and identified historically as the seven Universal Principles of Life.

Each Principle gives us a clear path to travel in this modern and stressful world, providing guidelines to ease our stressful minds, balance our emotions, heal our body and live harmoniously with all situations.  

This program illustrates that the information is valid for anyone dedicated to developing into the best version of themselves, releasing judgement of others, creating successful personal and business relationships and attaining successful outcomes in every area of their life.

Each month we look into the essence of one of the Principles of life, its value in our personal world, the application of the principle and the relevant techniques that supports it.

The Program covers:
  • Deeper personal understanding of your internal triggers
  • The basis of the fear and separation that sits in our cellular memory
  • Strategies to understand and deal with difficult situations
  • Improved relationships in all areas of life
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Peace of mind through rejecting self-judgement
  • The awareness of the possibilities and opportunities that can be yours
  • An attitude of gratitude and anticipation for life
  • Living fully with vitality and less stress
The Program includes:
  • 7 x 2 hour training sessions
  • Certification on completion
  • Comprehensive manual
  • On-goings support will be available as issues arise from the content, as required.